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If you have a tight project deadline, or just need material quickly, Cogan's Quickship program has you covered. With standard material in stock and ready to ship, you get your order exactly when you need it.

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Parts Inventory Mezzanine

Maintaining efficient operations in your Parts Department can be a daunting task. Thousands of small pieces, hardware and miscellaneous items require careful organization to keep internal and external processes running smoothly. Lack of proper inventory management can lead to overspending or even worse, failure to supply service departments with sufficient materials to fill orders and make repairs. Install a Cogan mezzanine and create plenty of space for shelving units, computer stations, and other equipment required to ensure accurate inventory control.

Increased square footage also facilitates in-plant traffic circulation and item accessibility. Easy flow patterns through clearly marked inventory bays work to significantly boost speed and reduce pick costs.

Dealer: Indoff Inc.

Location: Mt Vernon, OH