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Indoor Storage Cantilever Racking

Ideal for storing long, short, or awkwardly shaped items, maximize your warehouse capacity with Cogan Indoor Storage Cantilever Racking.

Engineered without obstruction at the pick face, cantilever racking maximizes horizontal space by eliminating the front columns that would otherwise obstruct usable storage areas. This barrier free design creates continuous, uninterrupted support that readily accommodates load of any width. Store everything from furniture, piping, and rolls to lumber, steel sheets, and even appliances. Goods are conveniently front-loaded and can be handled manually or by using a forklift or other suitable in-plant vehicle.

We know your demands are varied and you need a solid storage system you can rely on. Cogan cantilever racking is another prime example of our proven track record of bringing vision, innovation, and functionality to the workplace.