Aspex Eyewear
Fort Lauderdale,FL


4000 sq. ft. L-shaped mezzanine
16' x 153' and 12' x 123'



Aspex sees excellence in Cogan

Aspex Eyewear doesn't often give suppliers a glowing report but they made an exception for Cogan. "It's a terrific mezzanine," says Richard Kent of Aspex. "The job was done very well, on target and on time, with no problems whatsoever. Service was excellent, from John Lambert in Sales right down the line." Aspex uses their mezzanine for storage of assorted products related to their eyewear business. "We looked at other mezzanine suppliers," adds Richard. "Cogan was the most cost-effective mezzanine supplier with the best quality and they performed an outstanding job."

Making the grade

Aspex Eyewear’s grade on the Cogan Report Card is based on these project performance criteria.