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Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian barriers are composed of 1.9” diameter tubes. Available in 2-rail or 3-rail configurations.

Lengths of rail range from 2’ to 12’, but may be customized to meet specific distances. Rails are connected together by elbow sockets and t-sockets and may be arranged in various layouts to match the shape and size of the protected area. Rail segments are attached to a railing flange, which has (2) ½” diameter punched holes. The flange is used to bolt the railing system to the ground using 3/8” ø x 2 ¾” wedge bolt anchors. Pedestrian rails are powder-coated safety yellow for maximum visibility.

It is important to note that pedestrian rails are to be used for the sole purpose of pedestrian traffic control and should never be used as fall protection or as a crash barrier. When properly installed, the pedestrian system meets OSHA safety standard.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pedestrian Barriers

The pedestrian barrier system is composed of tubular rails connected together with various elbow sockets and t-sockets. It may also be connected to an adjustable self-closing safety gate.

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Please consult the table below for a complete list of dimensions.