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Bollards are made of 1/8” thick cylindrical steel welded to a baseplate. Standard bollards are 4 ½” in diameter and welded to a 10” x 10” x ½” thick base plate with (4) 3/4”ø punched holes placed 1 ½” from the edge of each corner. Standard heights are 24”, 36” and 42”.

Oversized bollards are 6” in diameter and welded to a 12” x 12” x ½” thick baseplate for heavy-duty protection. Standard height is 42”.

All bollards are finished with a durable, powder coated safety yellow paint and topped with a black plastic cap. Bolted to the floor using 5/8” ø x 4 ½” floor anchors


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Please consult the table below for a complete list of dimensions.