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Turnkey Service Nationwide

Pre-Engineered System for Fast Assembly

Cogan products are designed to minimize workflow stoppages and downtime. We know our products are going into existing facilities where lengthy installs can result in decreased productivity and lost profits.

The Cogan pre-engineered system is built for speed, accuracy and superior quality. We draw from millions of dollars’ worth of raw material and work-in-process inventory to manufacture your order exactly how you want it. This standardized system allows for precision results and fast installation. Pre-fabricated components mean:

All Cogan products can be assembled without welding
CNC Precision Manufacturing ensures bolted connections fit together perfectly
Step-by-Step Installation Manuals for clear, precise instructions
All components are numbered and tagged for instant identification

Cogan products fit together so easily that small jobs often do not require skilled labour. You can use your own maintenance personnel for a convenient, low-cost installation.

Turnkey Service across North America

Our network of independent installers have years of experience working with Cogan products. If your project is anywhere is North America, we can have a professional install team on your job site in no time.

Cogan-recommended installation is advisable for more complex or time-sensitive projects. Our network of independent installers are very familiar with our pre-engineered system and know exactly how to support it. Installations are completed quickly and accurately with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Preparing your Job Site for Successful Installation

In order to ensure your installation runs smoothly, your job site must be properly prepared to receive material. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Unloading: Large projects, especially mezzanines, are extremely difficult to unload by hand. For your convenience, we recommend that you have a loading dock to receive material. This will allow you to unload larger, heavier components with a fork truck.

Staging: It is very important to have a staging area. You will need adequate space to do a material count and group components accordingly. Being well-organized is essential for a successful installation. If possible, your staging area must be indoors or otherwise protected from the elements. Rain exposure may cause powder-coated components to rust.

Ease of Installation: While Cogan products are easy to assemble, please make sure that you have an experienced installation team. If you do not have access to skilled personnel, we will be more than happy to recommend an independent installer in your area. Our goal is to build products that integrate seamlessly with your work environment. We want you back on track as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your process. If you follow these key points, we guarantee a fast, effortless and successful installation.

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